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Images! Yes. Give me! Give me!

The images in the gallery are all there; and no I have no idea why some of you cannot view a larger image. If someone knows please tell me and I'll correct it. Two things that will always work if you want to see a big image but cannot see it by going through the gallery:
1) Write the URL (for Kirk and Spock together) or (Alone or with others). You'll see a list of image files. Click on an image and you'll see the big image.

2) In into the gallery (see the links below). Find the image you wish to see in a bigger size. Open the image in a new window by right clicking on it with your mouse and choosing 'open in new window'. Remove the words between the '.com' and the '/gallery' so that an URL for an image looks like this: ''.

That's all I can do for you at this time since the links are not broken. Sorry.

Jim and Spock together
From the show

Promo shots, Jim or Spock alone.

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Disclaimer: "Star Trek", Kirk, Spock, and all things Star Trek belong to Paramount and I intend no infringement and I make no money of it.