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Musings on K&S and K/S

My musings on different aspects of The Kirk/Spock and Kirk&Spock fandom.

As said before this is my opinion. Yours may differ and I respect that so please respect my views as well.

Gen or slash fics

I donít mind gen fics at all and can certainly see the guys as just great friends but when I read fics I really want my characters to have someone. When the show ended neither Jim or Spock had anyone save each other. I canít see any female on the show whoíll fit them and I dislike OFCs a lot. Thus I read almost exclusively slash fics in this fandom because:

1) Jim and Spock does love each other; that much is clear

2) I want my characters to have someone and not be alone

3) Jim and Spock really fit so nicely together

But show me a gen fic where Jim and Spock as soulmates are in focus and treated like the heroes they are and Iím all game. Sadly Iíve found few that live up to this.

Spock in a homosexual relationship

Slash fics for this couple is very popular but would Spock ever fall in love with a man?

In favour of a yes:

1) Spock was raised to be very open-minded

2) Heís a very logical man and taking your best friend as a partner, especially when you need to mate every 7 year or die, seems logical.

3) Spock has shown again and again that Jim means the world to him

4) In canon Spock never marries, never has a mate at all. It could be speculated that he cannot have kids since he doesnít continue his line.

4) Kirk touches Spock a lot and Spock allows this.

5) Spockís words "I have been and always shall be yours" as well as calling Kirk tíhyíla in the novel version of the first ST movie.

In favour of a no:

1) Spock is a logical man. Is a union without children logical? (This is assuming Spock can have kids in the first place.)

2) Spock may be too emotionally closed off to let anyone have a relationship with him.

3) Kirk is very human and has very human needs. Would Spock be able to handle such an emotional partner?

4) Spockís words "I have been and always shall be yours" as well as calling Kirk tíhyíla in the novel version of the first ST movie could simply be to show that he thinks of Kirk as his brother and soulmate.

In conclusion Spock is:

1) Asexual. In other words he doesnít crave sexual or romantic unions in any way.

2) Covering his true sexual orientation in fear Kirk or his friends would leave him if they knew the truth

3) Heís not gay

4) Heís bisexual

All in all I see a relationship between Jim and Spock very easily.

Jim in a homosexual relationship

In favour:

1) He doesnít seem to have much luck with women. They either leave him or die. (Or he leaves them).

2) Despite all the women he dated he married only once and she died.

3) His strong connection to Spock

4) He touches Spock a lot and much more than any other of his friends and Spock allows this.

5) He does things with and for Spock he would never otherwise do.

6) Heís a very tolerant and open-minded man.

7) Gary Mitchell. Good friend or former lover?



  1. Jimís extremely happy for females even though he didnít have many women in the movies.
  2. He can have kids and seem to want to
  3. He has spent most of his life in an organisation, which has military ties and in the beginning was very male dominated. Would they tolerate same sex unions? For that matter a union between captain and first officer?

In conclusion Jim is:

1) In denial about his sexuality

2) Heís not gay

3) Heís bisexual

  1. Heís gay and first now sees it/admits it
  2. He doesnít like menÖ.but he does love Spock

In conclusion I can easily see Jim with Spock but with none others really. Why? Because Jim already cares so much for him and does more for and with him than anyone else.


Jim physically hurts Spock (Domestic Discipline or abuse fics)

People can read and write whatever they please but I donít like DD or abuse stories. For personal reasons I strongly disagree with violence as the means to an end; especially as a way to say ĎI love youí. Itís wrong when itís between parents and kids and just as wrong between two adults whoíre friends and/or lovers. Pain has NOTHING to do with love. Thatís just how I see it.

Jim has always protected Spock from harm. He has only ever hit him when he had to in order to save Spockís life and the ship.

I donít believe Jim would ever hurt Spock. He commands a starship where he is under a lot of pressure and if he really couldnít control his temper thereís no way he would have gotten his command. Though he does have a temper I can NEVER seen him turn it against his allies and certainly not Spock. Jim was always been very gentle with Spock; I cannot see him hurt him.

Furthermore then this whole concept assumes Spock would just let himself be abused. This would be an extremely illogical thing to do and I donít see Spock doing it, despite his eagerness to find love and find his place in this world.


Jim mentally abuses Spock

In many fics Jim is either indifferent to Spockís needs or downright cruel to him. If itís a slash fic then Jim will often be unfaithful, flirt or other things without considering his loverís feelings.

I simply cannot see Jim being that mean or that stupid. With women he always dated one and then left her (or she him) before he found a new one.

Now I can see him flirting etc. if itís in the line of duty though he was with Spock but not cheating. What would be the point in it? If he didnít find sexual satisfaction in Spock then he could just keep him as a close friend and date women.


Spock mentally abuses Kirk

Now, I admit I love to read about my favourite characters being abused. However in all seriousness I cannot see Spock using his telepathy to influence or control Kirk. Heís too honourable a man for thatÖ.But the fics can be fascinating all the same of course.


Spock physically abuses Kirk

Same reply as above. While this situation is more realistic because Jim has the human emotions that bind you in an abusive relationship and Spock IS stronger then again I think heís too honourable to do it.


Spock gets hurt fics

There are so many fics out there where Spock gets hurt itís a wonder this character hasnít sued for an early retirement yet *grins*

In all seriousness I donít mind all that much but I do mind that Spock are often put forth and Jim is pushed in the background. Jim would never let Spock get hurt if there was any way for him to prevent it and many of these fics seem to hurt Spock just to hurt him with no other reason and thatís boring to read.


Spock and Jim Ė whoís in charge?

Many fanfics, especially slash, tries to answer this question but I donít think this is a question worth answering. In situations where Jim is the strongest he leads (command, human relations and so forth) and in situations where Spock is the strongest heíll lead. I donít see a power struggle between them at all. Theyíre equals even with Jimís emotional needs and Spockís potential pre Reform tendencies to protect and posses. Again Jim would never hurt Spock because heís his lifemate and vice versa (even if you donít see that in a sexual way).


Spock and Pre Reform Vulcan

Judging from Amok Time Vulcans are very possessive and dominating beings. However since Sarek could marry Amanda it cannot be so much that it cannot work between a Vulcan and a human.


Vulcan VS human

Spock is a mix of both and Jim accepts this. He never tries to make him human (like McCoy) or Vulcan (like Sarek). So for that reason their friendship and a potential relationship could work.


The whole 7-year cycle issue

Itís known that the Pon Farr arrives every 7 years for males where they have to mate or die. However no one says they cannot mate all the rest of the time if they so choose. ;)

Also either humans can survive it without permanent harm (Sarak/Amanda) or the male can mate with someone else than his mate during this time.


Spock and love

Spock has shown that when he is free to do so (spores, etc) he can love and does so deeply. After Víger he isnít afraid to show that love (hand holding with Jim in sickbay and his words in ST2 and on). So, as friends or lovers, Spock should be able to admit that Jim and him are soulmates.


Spock the superman

I know most people love Spock the best but why in the world does the fanfic have to suffer for this? Yes, Spock is wonderful but heís not an angel and heís not God and heís certainly not without faults or his share of the blame. Itís sad to read Jim being put down to raise Spock and the clear worshipping in the fics from these authors can get a bit annoying in the long run. (Same as for Kirk though I donít see this so often.). Itís hard to share attention equally when you have a favourite character and of course you can and should play favourite when you write but I feel it should only be done to a certain degree.


Seeing beneath the surface

On the outside Spock can seem less emotional than Jim but I donít think thatís right. Spock feels as much as he does, he just controls it better.

1) Spock must always keep his emotions under control. That most be a constant strain.

2) His dual personality must be hard to balance.

Of course I donít see Spock being overly emotional but restrained in his responses. Still, he could fall in love. Especially after the whole VíGer thing.