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Here you'll find short profiles on Kirk and Spock :

If only life was a fairytale we could have been forever Kirk:

Name: James T. Kirk
Allies: Jim, t'hy'la to Spock, golden one (nickname often used by Spock in slash fanfic)
Eye Colour: Gold
Hair Colour: Gold/Brown
Age: Around 30 when he became Captain of the Enterprise
Ethnical background: Unknown
Political Party: He holds to old values but is very open-minded. He's very compassionate and have no prejustices. I believe his compassion would make him vote liberal, wanting everyone to be treated fairly. (I assume people still vote in the future *LOL*)
Education: Trained soldier.
Alive/dead: Alive! Denial is not just a river in Egypt!
Group attachment(s): Starfleet
Status in the group: Holding ranks from Captain to Admiral to Commodore
Why a member of this/these group(s): He believe in justice and taking responsibility for your actions. He also loves space and adventure
Character trait: Dedicated, clever, filled with life, easy to laughter, brave, kind, self sacrificing, sympathetic, easily blames himself. Rarely speaks of his personal life.
Special abilities: His huntches are almost always right. He bluffs very well and is a great stategic
Fighting skills: Battle trained, keeps in shape.
Special skills: Can shoot a bow, master shot with various pistols. Can ride horses and swim
Hobbies: Sailing, reading classic books, riding, swimming, working out, searching for true love.
Married: Widowed from Miamanee
Lover: No one permanent or official
Children: David with Carol (deceased). An unknown child that died when Miamanee did.
Brother(s): 1 older brother (deceased)
Sister(s): Not mentioned
Mother: Not mentioned (unless you count the books)
Father: deceased
Grew up: With his mother and brother in what used to be called USA.
Best friend(s): McCoy and Spock. Also once Gary until his death.
Mentor/father figure: Maybe Gath but he doesn't really have or need any
Worst enemy: The Klingons.
Worst emotional torture: Losing Spock
Worst psychical torture: There are actually quite a few to pick from here.
Greatest fear: Losing Spock.
Played by: William Shartner


Name: Spock
Allies: t'hy'la to Jim
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown, short
Age: Around 30 when Jim gains command of the Enterprise
Ethnical background: Vulcan/Human.
Political Party: Do they have parties on Vulcan? After he accepts his human half he'll probably be open for change.
Education: He has several degrees in science.
Alive/Dead: Alive; YES.
Group attachment(s): Starfleet, Diplomatic Core, Science Academy, Gol
Status in the group: Fist officer, science officer, diplomat
Why a member of this/these group(s): He's interrested in what he's studying and believes in what he's fighting for.
Character trait: Curious, emotionally closed, hard to get to know, self sacrificing, good at blaming himself, for a long time he fought an inner battle between his human and Vulcan side.

Special skills: Very spilled telepath and sciencetist.
Fighting skills: He doesn't like violance but Vulcans are many times stronger than humans and he's very good at combat and shoting.
Hobbies: meditates, reads and follows news in the various scientific fields he's into.
Married: No but he was once engaged to T'Pring
Lover: None official or permanant
Children: None
Brother(s): He has a half brother from his father's first marriage, Sybok, who died.
Sister(s): Not mentioned
Mother: Amanda
Father: Sarek, a Vulcan diplomat.
Grew up: On Vulcan as part of one of the finest families there
Best friend(s): Jim
Mentor/father figure: Captain Pipe
Worst enemy: Jim's enemies.
Worst emotional torture: Seeing Jim in pain but being unable to help him.
Worst psychical torture: Dying
Greatest fear: Losing Jim.
Played by: Leonard Ninoy

Disclaimer: "Star Trek." James Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and all things Star Trek belong to Paramount. No copyright infringement is intended. I make no money of it.