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LJ National Protest Day

Last updated on 15/12/2004 ~~~ Support equal rights; sign the petition for equal marriage rights! (click here!) ~~Make love; not war~~

Welcome to Beloved t'hy'la; a page dedicated to Kirk and Spock as soulmates


This site is dedicated to the love between Kirk and Spock. Be that brotherly love, deep friendship, romantic love (the pairing known as Kirk/Spock or K/S for short) in the Star Trek fandom. First and foremost it is for Kirk and Spock as soulmates, always.
In other words this webpage celebrates the love between two male characters, in whatever way you wish to see that love. This concept when seen romanticly is called slash and this pairing is said to have started the concept of slash.
This webpage tries to capture the true spirit of Star Trek: tolerance, love and the absence of discrimination, the fight for equal rights for all and the celebration of diversity and imagination.
If you're too immature/closed-minded/young/whatever to accept that love can take many forms then you might want to bugger off.
Webmistress for "Beloved t'hy'la" is Nadja Lee.
I’ll like to acknowledge all the great work that Minerva did for this page. Without her this page would never have been. I owe you everything, Minerva. Thanks for helping me out. I’ll also like to thank Michele, L. Burke, Mysterio Gal and Shadowcat Rules for their great help. You have all been so wonderful! Thanks. A special and very big thanks goes to Kim; without you I could never have remade this page. Thanks so much.
Thanks so much to Paradise Kendra for the great front image. You're an Angel *hugs and kisses*
See Spock...a place just for us!
Hide! Here comes the fanfic writers!



12/07/2004:This webpage was created. The pages: Why, profile and the meaning of t'hy'la was added.

13/07/2004:The pages: gallery, wallpapers, fanart, episode guide and stuff to buy section was added. As of yet there are no images in the gallery; only the index page for it has been added.

14/07/2004:The pages: link to me and links has been added. Guestbook and counter added. Pages still missing: pictures in the gallery, Sounds and Multimedia, Fan Fiction, Musings, Comparison, Character Study, Other Couples, The Actors and Webrings.

15/07/2004:The pages: Actors, webrings, character study and other couples added. The gallery has been filled out. Pages still missing: Sounds and Multimedia, Fan Fiction and Musings.

15/07/2004:The pages: Fanfiction and Sounds and Multimedia has been added. Pages still missing: Musings, front page image and joining webrings.

03/08/2004:Fanfiction page updated.

26/09/2004:Fanfiction page and front page updated. Pages still missing: Musings, link to me images and joining webrings.

18/11/2004:All pages updated (fanfic, links and artwork in particual). Musings added and joined webrings. Pages still missing: link to me images.

15/12/2004:Thanks to Jenn for the link to me images! *hugs*
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Mail Nadja Lee - made by Nadine of Lingering Dreams...thanks much, lov 'hugz'

~Founded July 12, 2004~
~Last Updated December 15, 2004~

Kirk, Spock and "Star Trek" belong to Gene Roddenberry and Paramount. No copyright infringement is intended.
No part of this page may be reproduced without the webmistress written premission. No scans from this page may be used without the written premission of the webmistress. You can e-mail me at any time with suggestions and comments. On another note; Please DO NOT send flames to me just because you donīt like some couples/opinions expressed on this webpage. Respect other peopleīs opinions. This page is in no way connected with Star Trek. All images belong to Paramount and are used without permission. I intend no infringement and I make no money of it. The actors from the "Star Trek" movie which can be seen in the galleries are: William Shartner as Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Spock. This site is for entertainment purposes only. I make no money of this.