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You want us to say what?

Want K/S Sounds? Try these:

Star Trek Sounds
Sounds from all eps and movies.

Bloopers from different episodes.
Daisy Down Under - wallpapers, screencaptures, sounds...You name it.

Want K/S Screensavers? Try these:

Star Trek Screensaver
From the offical page

Go check it out.

Want more K&S and/or K/S? Try these:

Kirk Spock Central
Join the group and ask these kind ladies anything at all about K/S and someone are bound to know where to get what you want.

Kirk Loves Spock Fic
For all your K/S fanfic needs.

Slash swap
Buy, sell, exchange your old slash zines and songvids.

Mostly Gen Zines
As the title says. Find K&S (gen) zines here.

K/S and K&S Songvids and zines:

Beyond Dreams Press
Sells songvids.

Agent With style
Sells songvids as well K&S and K/S zines.
Killa's Adventures in Melodrama
Great fanfic and song vids. The songvids are here. You need a password so e-mail Killa and ask her for it.

Disclaimer: "Star Trek" Kirk, Spock and all things Star Trek belong to Paramount. No copyright infringement is intended. I make no money of it.