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So...what do you think, Bones? Is there a chance?

Character Study

One of the most asked questions about Jim and Spock is if they would ever be able to take a relationship to the next level. Well…let’s see…
Note: this is my own views and opinions. Respect my right to see things my way or don't read this!


He has had many girlfriends, though not as many as some might think. All in all he hasn’t had more than about 8 or 9 relationships. However he’s quite good at using his body and seducing females to gain information from them. Obviously though he’s not gay. However he could be bisexual. First of all you have his misleading answer to whether or not Spock and him are together (read the section called: the meaning of t’hy’la). In that statement he says he finds best gratification in females but then he must have been with a non-female to make that comparison. You also have Kirk trying to protect Spock and smiling so warmly at him and looking at him with such warmth. Also Kirk touches Spock whenever he can and they’re obviously close friends. He doesn’t mind mindmelding with Spock at all and he never commits to any females but spends most of his life and his shoreleaves with Spock. Taking their relationship the final level seems especially natural for Jim who’s a very sexual being and he’ll also most likely have to make the first move. However, unless Spock lets his own fears and insecurities (or self sacrificing nature) get in the way he’ll say yes because as said…they’re soulmates. I’m sure that they can go around any Starfleet regulations if any such should exist. The main question will be if Spock will accept a relationship.


Spock has fought with his human half for all of his life. He wants to be fully Vulcan but is also half human, a fact he has trouble accepting. His only close friend is Jim though he also has a connection to Jim’s close friend, McCoy. However without Jim holding the two together they would probably not even be in the same room together. Spock allows Jim to touch him and he’s the only one he expresses worry for. He even breaks the Vulcan rules of mindmelding when he removes a painful memory from Jim’s mind. Also Jim is the only one Spock has ever given a real smile to (in Amok Time when Spock sees Jim is not dead).

If you do not see these two as lovers then they would have lived their entire lives alone, having only their close friendship to hold onto through the ages. The greatest question is whether they will try and take this step and if they do will Spock accept it? As tolerant and sexual a being as Kirk is then I cannot see him having trouble with it. Being t’hy’la to each other, soulmates, I think they can fit as perfectly together as lovers as they do as friends. I think it would be a shame for them to keep their distance because of such unimportant issues like gender or Vulcan tradition.
So all in all I can see a true relationship between them and frankly as far as I can see it’s the only kind of relationship that will ever make either of them happy; they always seem happy together and they seem to complete each other. Take one away and the other will fade and die (mentally). No, they’re connected at the heart and through their mental connection in the soul as well. Taking the final step seems like the most natural thing and whether or not they are comfortable with it I doubt is an issue that cannot be overcome; the only issue is if they ever suggest it to each other. In any case they need each other and can be happy together no matter what…more so if they admit to loving each other instead of having to guess from touches, words, hints and actions. I can get Spock to do ANYTHING I want? This sounds promising...

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