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Wait a minute...why are we even here?

Why make a Kirk and Spock page?

One of your first thoughts when you found this page was probably: “ Why? Why make a webpage for Jim and Spock and what's up with the title anyway?”
Well, why not? They are wonderful together! Here are a few reasons why I like these two heroes:
12) I couldn't find any Kirk&Spock or Kirk/Spock webpages out there so I made one.
11) They're both very handsome; that's always a good reason to make anyone a webpage *he,he*
10) They're like day and night in everything from looks and opinions but that's why they complete each other so well like the sun and the moon. But they agree on all the important things and support each other when it counts.
9) They always seem so happy together.
8) They share a bond of love so strong anyone have to admire that; no matter what kind of love that may be.
7) They represent all fine values I can think of from tolerance, respect for each other's differences to humour, love and concern
6) They understand each other and protects for each other
5) They touch; they actually feel at ease with touching and do so to comfort each other. Very few people these days touch like that; it's like a wall between people, an unspoken rule 'no touchy unless we're lovers and even then don't do it that often in public and sometimes not even that often privately'. So as very close friends it's wonderful to see a relationship deepen and accept touch.
4) Spock was raised by his very strict father; Jim by a very free and open-minded mom. This makes sure they never steps on each others toes because Spock will always ask for patience and reason and that will counter Jim's emotions.
3) They feel totally at ease with each other and are always comfortable with each other; even when coming out from the shower
2) The reason for the title "Beloved t'hy'la" is because they are two halves of a whole; they're soulmates.
1) They have a great and deep bond of love between them that they could go all the way if they should choose to. In any rate they will never be alone as long as the other lives; that is true love.


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Disclaimer: "Star Trek", Kirk, Spock, and all things Star Trek belong to Paramount and I intend no infringement and I make no money of it.