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James T. Kirk and Spock

Alias: Jim and Spock (no alias)
From: The TV series “ Star Trek (Star Trek: TOS)” and the first 6 Star Trek movies and the Star Trek animated series.
Relationship status: Still together.
Where are they now: Retired together (A movie or a TV show called "Next Generations"? Nope, never heard of it!).
Status: Kirk's longest rank is Captain and Spock ended up as a captain as well.
Past: Kirk's father died when he was a boy. He attended Starfleet Academy at 16 and was one of 9 eyewitnesses to to the massacre of some 4,000 colonists at planet Tarsus IV by Kodos the Executioner. During his life he nearly died by a fatal illness. His older brother and his wife were killed but his nephew, Peter Kirk, survived. Spock was tormented as a child for being a half-human boy on Vulcan and was very lonely. He did have a pet he loved. He became a scientist and ended up as Kirk's first officer.

Is most like: Our fav. boys from "The Sentinel". One is very into science and the other is very military and a leader by heart. Also they love each other and protects each other. Jim and Spock are like night and day yet one seems incomplete without the other.
Love status: True love from the start. Jim would die for Spock as Spock would do anything for Jim. No matter if one sees these two as a couple or just very, very good friends there is no doubt that they mean the world to each other.
Love Factor: True love. Totally!
Quote: " careful," - Spock to Jim

"I have been and always shall be yours." - Spock to Jim

" t'hy'la" -Spock's thoughts on Jim

"If there's even a chance that Spock has an immortal soul then it's my responsibility. As surely as if it was my own." Jim on Spock

"...A dream that has made Spock and myself brothers" - Jim on Spock

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