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We're doing what in those pictures? Bones, is that even possible?

Kirk and Spock gen fanart work:

I haven't been able to find any. If you know of any gen Kirk and Spock are soulmates' fanart images then please e-mail me. Thanks.

Slash fanart:

Slash Art Gallery
Many of these artists have K/S stuff, among others Virginia Sky.

Art Gallery

Side By Side online zine
All these online zines has fanfic and fanart.

Angelfire K/S-Art

Daisy's Star Trek Art

Loving James T.

Marianne's K/S-Art

Mylochka art

Art and German K/S fanfics.

Shelley Butler K/S-Art


Tyberios Art

Virginia Sky's art
K/S and other fandoms.

Movie Posters

Slash Art
With some K/S

Do you know of any Star Trek fanart? If yes please e-mail me. Thanks.

Disclaimer: "Star Trek", Kirk, Spock, and all things Star Trek belong to Paramount and I intend no infringement and I make no money of it.